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One of the most well-known and popular video games is called Geometry Dash Future Funk. It is designed to assist the player in overcoming the various challenges and adversaries that stand in their way so that they may cross the finish line as quickly as they possibly can.

How to Play

After the success of the popular rhythm game Geometry Dash, a sequel called Geometry Dash Future Funk was developed and released 30 years later. It's an arcade game in which the objective is to make it all the way to the conclusion while avoiding and leaping over various geometric shapes and obstructions. You have the power, while playing Geometry Dash Future Funk, to alter both the icon and the color of any object that has a geometric shape associated with it.


The level begins with a brief encounter with a cube, then transitions into a brief encounter with a UFO. The name of the level is shown briefly after each ship part it is followed by. Following it is a portion consisting of waves, and immediately after that is another cube. The mini-cube segment is immediately followed by a wave section, and then another cube comes after that. In the end, there is a segment that goes at double the normal pace and has several whirling hazards. After assembling a few mini-cubes, UFOs, and ball pieces, it is possible to construct a wave section with increased difficulty.

How To Play

  • In order to leap, you need to press [up] [w] [space] and then click on the yellow rings.
  • Hold the button down while you are in ship mode, and when you are ready to descend, let go of it.
  • You can get a high leap by hitting a yellow pad.
  • To make your leap higher, you must land on a blue pad (missing a gravity portal).
  • Gather as many coins as you can to get additional points. Toggle the effects by pressing the letter L
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