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Geometry Dash Halloween is a variant of Geometry Dash designed specifically for Halloween. All you have to do is jump to go around spiky barriers, dangerous passages, and other dangers.

Directions for Geometry Dash Halloween

Geometry Dash Halloween has a stylish UI with images inspired by the holiday. As in previous iterations, you will have to regulate your leaps and motions. When you go through each level, the patterns recur. If you gather more cash, you will be able to better equip yourself for your impossibly difficult assignment. It's time to test your limits as you soar, leap, and flip your way through thorny, dangerous passageways.


  • For fun, colors and music!
  • To test your coordination, try these rhythmic workouts.
  • Get amazing prizes for finishing daily assignments.
  • New color schemes and icon sets are now available for character customization.
  • Reaching the tenth level is an exceptional accomplishment.

Do you find the game Geometry Dash Halloween enjoyable? For more fun, check Geometry Dash Glumi and Geometry Dash Dinosaur!

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