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The excellent custom level known as Geometry Dash Heart Throb is characterized by a very minimalist block design and a massive assortment of effects and decorations.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Heart Throb

Everything you need to know to win Geometry Dash Heart Throb is to avoid colliding with spikes, the objective of the Geometry Dash Heart Throb game is to leap on blocks. In addition, you have the ability to alter gravity and make use of orbs to avoid low spikes. Immediately after this is the UFO level, in which you must lie between floating blocks while avoiding making contact with the map's contours. 

How to collect coins effectively?

You may take advantage of the three coins that are available to you in Geometry Dash Heart Throb. The first coins may be found at sixteen percent, sandwiched between two spike pillars and a floating block. There is a second one that is at 69%. This is the last coin, which may be collected by holding down the flying button until it reaches 94%.

Main Features

  • Three coins are included in a bespoke level.
  • Despite the fact that the block design is rather simple, it is compensated for by a variety of visual effects and attractive backdrops that were created by the player.
  • This video game has a wave level that is easy to play and a robot stage that is brief and extremely straightforward.

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