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In addition to being one of the most incredible Extreme Demon levels, Geometry Dash Heartbeat provides players with a half-speed cube part that is accompanied by groups of two-spike leaps.

Instructions on Geometry Dash Heartbeat

You must first leap over blue orbs in order to begin playing Geometry Dash Heartbeat. There is then a ball portion that involves memorization and timings, which is then followed by a dual-ball piece that is quite similar. There is also a challenging UFO part in this game, which has a number of timings that are very tight, as well as gravity portals and orb use that are challenging. There are three coins, the first of which is at 5%; you may get it by leaping down a false cave entrance. There are three coins for you to gather. At the 76% mark in the ship sequence, you will find the second coin. By hopping over the last blue pad in the tunnel, you will be able to collect the final one with a score of 90%.

Principal Features

  • The duration of the level is 1 minute and 54 seconds, and there are 30,000 items.
  • By doing these rhythmic exercises, you will have the opportunity to put your coordination to the test.
  • By doing things that are considered to be regular, it is possible to improve the likelihood of receiving remarkable prizes.

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