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It is necessary for you to leap and go past all of the obstacles in order to play the fantastic Geometry Dash game called Geometry Dash Hydra.

Gameplay Guide for Geometry Dash: Hydra

Five stars were awarded for completing the challenging Geometry Dash Credds attic level. You will get the impression that you have entered a magical realm filled with excellent music. To go farther, you will need to glide and jump over obstacles. This game is chock full of unexpected twists and turns. Another fantastic installment in the Geometry Dash game series. The adventure starts out with a stage in the shape of a cube and a breathtaking backdrop. We hop over spikes here. The ship comes after this. It features a neon effect, and its size will alter to correspond with the rhythm of the song. The UFO and the short cube together make up the most challenging and visually appealing portion of the game.


Avoid spikes. While in ship mode, ascend to a high altitude, then let go of the controls to begin your descent. If you want to leap higher while you're on your trip, tap the yellow pad. It is successful even if you are unable to reach the gravitational gateway in time. To obtain additional points, make sure you gather all coins!

How To Play

  • To leap or to jump on yellow rings, press [up] [w] [space] on your keyboard.
  • Steer clear of the spikes.
  • To get a high leap, you need to strike the yellow pad. If you hit a bluepad, your leap will be increased (missing gravity portal).
  • Gather as many coins as you can to get additional points. Toggle the effects by pressing the letter L. (to decrease lag).
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