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Geometry Dash Ichor has fewer elementary procedures and simpler cubes. To get past the hurdles, you must alter the block.

Geometry Dash Ichor: Instructions

Geometry Dash Ichor may be won by traveling quickly, and precisely, and avoiding spike barriers. The robot comes after the spider. The first coin is located here. There is then a brief UFO scene followed by a spacecraft. The smooth controls, bright images, intriguing soundtrack, and engaging graphics make this a must-have for any action player who enjoys games that put their reflexes to the test.

Coin collecting

You must fly through the top wall to grab the second coin, which is at 63% in robot mode. Fly through the top of the wall to obtain the second coin (63%). On the ball stage, the third coin is at 88%.


  • Dash game that is both addictive and enjoyable.
  • Unlock unusual personalities
  • It is not necessary to switch to pixel-based settings.
  • Controls are simple, and the gameplay is clear.

You might enjoy the arcade game Geometry Dash Ichor. Experiment with new games to widen your gaming portfolio! You may also play Geometry Dash Spring and Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm on your PC.

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