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Featuring a cube section in mirror mode with a multitude of rings, pads, spikes, and fakes, Geometry Dash IMPULSE is an excellent example of an Easy Demon-style game.

How to play Geometry Dash IMPULSE

Before you can begin playing Geometry Dash IMPULSE, you will need to hop orbs that need a great deal of accuracy in order to successfully dodge problems. Following that, the player will enter a challenging ship sequence, which will subsequently be divided in half by a cube transition. The timing of this sequence is peculiar when it occurs.  Following that, there is a ball portion that has several complex fakes, which is one of the most difficult parts of the level after that. 

Main Features

  • The level has a total of 4,221 physical items.
  • Simple Components of the Gameplay.
  • Items that can be customized for the cube.
  • Various sorts of games and numerous move sets.

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