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Geometry Challenge In a Daze is a simple daily level that adheres to the same guidelines as previous spin-offs of Geometry Dash.

Geometry Dash In a Daze instructions

You will have to control a geometric cube in a daze to make your way past all of the obstacles and gather as many stars as you can at the same time in Geometry Dash In a daze. Leaping over obstacles is the only way to get over them; if you run across any bugs, you'll have to start the game again from scratch.


  • It will be a satisfying accomplishment to reach the goal of having three coins before the game ends.
  • Running, leaping, and flying are among the movements that need precise control since the game goes so rapidly.

There are many games similar to Geometry Dash In a Daze on this site that you do not need to download to play. Check the Geometry Dash tag right now to enjoy!

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