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A simple Epic Demon Level, Geometry Dash Inferno has received a perfect score of ten stars. Maintain a safe distance from the spikes at all times. It is possible to hold down and fly upwards when in Ship Mode, and then release your grip and glide downwards.

Detailed Instructions for Geometry Dash Inferno

The game Geometry Dash Inferno has a number of elements, such as the UFO, in addition to songs that are memorable. The majority of the decoration is very simplistic, with a few notable outliers, such as the first cubicle, which included complex decoration. A single last trampoline jump is all that is required to finish this level.

Main Features

  • 144,644 things are available on this level.
  • The duration of this level is one minute and twenty-five seconds.
  • An accompanying musical theme that corresponds to the steps is played throughout each and every voyage.

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