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One of the best entries in the Geometry Dash Series is called Geometry Dash Inscius. Your primary objective in this ship-based game is to make use of the spheres to navigate around the various saws and pillars.

Geometry Dash Inscius Instructions

Geometry Dash is a game that has just the right amount of challenge. You should have no trouble completing this level. This stage earns a perfect score of five stars. Make an effort to advance towards the obstructions. stars of varying dimensions and configurations. The UFO stage begins in order to prevent the loss of the game. You are not allowed to walk on the spikes, and you must keep your distance from the saws that are blended into the backdrop. Utilising the spheres will help you avoid falling onto the spikes. You will come upon a level with spiders, however in order to progress, you will need to dodge the obstacles.

Coins in Geometry Dash Inscius

The first coin has entered the UFO phase when it reaches 43 percent. In order to get this coin, you will need to go cautiously beneath the saw.

At this point, it has reached wave 55%. In order to get this orb, you will need to fly below the portal.

At the very end, the third coin is going to be gathered automatically.

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