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Geometry Dash Liftoff is an amazing level in the Geometry Dash series, and in order to complete it, you will need to avoid all of the spikes and lasers that are set against the stunning backdrop.

How to play Geometry Dash Liftoff

In order to complete the levels, you will need to overcome all of the obstacles, which may include spikes and lasers. An assortment of mixed dual sequences can be found dispersed across the entirety of the level. The mini-wave/UFO dual portion that appears immediately at the beginning of the track is one of the most challenging parts of the sound design. The bifurcation stage is the final step that the cubes have achieved at this point in their development.

Main Features

The level is structured in the same manner as other 2.0 levels, with the exception that it does not feature a robot.

You will have to deal with a wide variety of challenges and sticky situations.

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