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You have to hop over spikes that are practically crawling out of the ground in order to complete the game Geometry Dash Lock & Load, which has acquired an amazing rating for its unique décor.

How to play Geometry Dash Lock and Load

You will need to hop along the slides and pillars, fly past a few spikes, and soar through big structures built of blocks in order to play the game Geometry Dash Lock and Load well.  In the last moments, the screen will go darker, and the authors' nicknames will be shown on it. 

There are two coins available in the game Geometry Dash Lock and Load. When you reach 13%, you can collect the first coin by falling down into the spikes, and when you reach 63%, you may collect the final coin by reaching the wave level.

Key Features

  • There is writing that reads "Michi" to the right of the triple spikes that are 4%.
  • You may put your coordination to the test by doing these rhythmic exercises.
  • It is possible to increase your chances of winning extraordinary rewards by doing routine tasks.
  • Playing in Practice Mode makes it easier to develop your skills.

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