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The Geometry Dash game known as Geometry Dash Massacre presents players with the task of jumping as high as they can within the context of an aesthetically pleasing setting.

Tutorial on Geometry Dash Massacre

The Geometry Dash game The design and ornamentation of Geometry Dash Massacre are both understated. With the completion of Cosmic Calamity, the Geometry Dash Forum has begun work on its third mega-collaboration. The gameplay and level design are both quite straightforward in this game as in Geometry Dash Danque. When Noctalium first completed the level, they did it before the verification video; nonetheless, they did not get the second coin.

Overall coin rating

The first coin is RealGalaxy, with 14% of the market share. The portion known as Fruitsnack has the second coin, which is worth 37% of the total. The third coin, which may be found at 87%, belongs to TrueChaos. In the UFO section, the player is required to strike the first orb that is blue.

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