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There are a number of obstacles in Geometry Dash Mitty, including gravitational portals, slides, and pillars. This game is an excellent reproduction of the original Geometry Dash game.

How to play Geometry Dash Mitty

By overcoming a series of challenges, such as pillars, slides, and gravitational portals, which can sometimes "unsettle" the character, you will be able to emerge victorious in the game of Geometry Dash Mitty. Additionally, you will need to circumnavigate a number of rhombuses, one of which contains a coin included. To complete the final stage, you must remember to use spheres, jump on blocks, and descend on platforms. The final stage of the level will be a cube stage, during which you will be able to view a static image.

Collect 3 coins

You have the opportunity to acquire three coins in the game Geometry Dash Mitty. At a cost of sixteen percent, you might acquire the very first coin itself. A wave is used to reach the second coin, which is located at the very top of the level. The final coin can be found at the bottom of the level, and it must be collected.

Key Features

  • A daily level of Dash Mitty is available.
  • A robot is not included in this level, which is consistent with the format that is typically used for levels of the 2.0 series.
  • Make your way through a wide variety of challenges and difficult situations.

Confront a variety of difficulties and predicaments as in Geometry Dash Bonkers and Geometry Dash Robitopi Topalapos.

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