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Geometry Dash MoonDust is the updated version. Geometry Dash's latest version is more challenging and dangerous than previous versions. Only if you are able to fly, jump, or run quickly can you escape.

Geometry Dash MoonDust Instructions

Geometry Dash MoonDust gives you the chance to win if your goal is to escape from the factory. You will have to navigate a cube through buzzsaws in the factory. The cube can be steered to soar through steep hills while traveling in tunnels. After a transformation that takes ten seconds to become a cube, the character returns to its original state. All that's left is to jump onto the blue sphere and press the button until the level ends.

Main Features

  • Both color and music facilitate learning.
  • Try a range of rhythmic exercises to test your coordination.
  • You'll receive amazing rewards if you participate in daily quests.
  • The character-customization system now provides users with a wider variety of color and icon possibilities.
  • You will never forget the feeling of accomplishment you get after you complete all 10 levels.

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