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The most recent installment of the Geometry Dash series, called Geometry Dash Nouveau, is intended to make it easier for players to avoid being hurt when traversing spikes or blocks.

How to Play

It is quite routine, and it is not particularly interesting. While the cube is still in the first stage, the robot has progressed to the second stage. In order to pass over this area of spikes, we have to jump on the blocks. These examinations are really straightforward and do not involve the use of any spikes. Simply bouncing on trampolines should be enough to get us through the portal. After we have safely navigated the spikes, we will be able to get the last coin.

How To Play

  • To leap or to jump on yellow rings, press [up] [w] [space] on your keyboard.
  • Avoid surges
  • Maintain forward momentum while in ship mode and press and hold the button to launch.
  • To get a high jump, you must strike a yellow pad.
  • To increase your vertical leap, step on a blue pad (missing a gravity portal).
  • You may win additional points by collecting the coins.
  • Pressing the letter L will toggle the effects and lessen the latency.
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