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Geometry Dash Onara is a completely new version of Geometry Dash in which players are required to leap over and get around any obstacles in their path.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Onara

The fact that everything in Geometry Dash Onara revolves on the music makes it a game like no other. You'll find songs that fall under the dance, electronic dance music, and dubstep categories. You can test how well you can control your shape in Geometry Dash Onara by avoiding obstacles and jumping from cliffs to see how well you can manage it.

You will also be able to finish stages that are more difficult to play through. Try to avoid coming into contact with any sharp obstacles. In order to overcome obstacles and increase your score, you will need to jump higher. You can manipulate the board by pressing the up and down arrows, the w key, the space bar or by using the mouse.

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