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Great games don't come much better than Geometry Dash OuterSpace, which features challenging levels and innovative gameplay elements.

Game Rules

You'll be in charge of guiding the protagonist through perilous situations to a successful conclusion. The music in Geometry Dash OuterSpace serves as the game's jumping cues. Raise the volume if you have access to such a device.

  • 0-9 %: The first nine percent of the level is comprised of standard speed cubes. In addition to the name "Fire Gauntlet," a picture of the item itself is displayed.
  • 10-20%: Between 10 and 20 percent of the game, the player will engage in a straightforward double-speed ship sequence that has a number of easily-avoidable hazards and rapid changes in speed.
  • 23-33%: A double-speed ball segment with easy timings and several apparently random auto portions awaits the player between the 23rd and 33rd percentiles.
  • 34-44%: A typical UFO section is unlocked.
  • 45-67%: The player then takes to the skies, 45-67% of the time seeing the words "OUTER SPACE," before accelerating through a ship portal at the speed of light.
  • 68-100%: The player enters the last portal at a usual pace. Following successful completion of each stage, the laser will emerge through the wall.
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