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Geometry Dash Platinum Adventure is a straightforward challenge in which players must ascend columns by launching themselves off trampolines.

instructions for playing Geometry Dash Platinum Adventure

In order for us to proceed to the next level, we are going to have to jump over the spikes not once, but twice in a succession. In order to start the level, you will need to modify the gravity and avoid stepping on spikes while jumping on trampolines. Additionally, you will need to jump over spikes four times. To continue, click the circle that is marked with dashes. Following that is a sequence that plays at half speed and features moving saws and bright stars. The final teleportation will take you to a straightforward cube section with a couple of jump orbs and glowing stars.

How to collect coins

At 4%, you will locate the first coin you have been looking for in the first sequence of ships. The player will need to shift his route and navigate upwards rather than downwards in order to gain access to an alternative pathway. In order to acquire the second coin at a chance of 20%, you will need to make your way uphill to a different corridor. The third and final coin can be found at 98%.

Principal Features

  • There are 11053 objects on this level.
  • A rhythmic beat is featured in the platform game.
  • Incredible work went into both the scoring system and the level design.
  • A shape with a unique appearance can be fashioned out of coins if you so like.
  • The first Demon that Noobas was able to destroy after hacking his confession

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