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A fantastic Dash game featuring a cube portion containing several jump orbs and a trivial-ball section called Geometry Dash Poltergeist.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Poltergeist

In order to win Geometry Dash Poltergeist, you have to go to the two spikes that indicate when the beat drops. When the beat lowers, the challenge rises and you find yourself in one of the more well-known waves in the game. The cube segment will reappear if you have some leap orbs. After a straightforward cube closes at its usual speed, a big "GG" appears, and there are two last yellow orbs. "ANDRO" with quad-speed quadruple spikes is shown at the conclusion. A gateway will open and close at a normal pace. It will take quick thinking and accuracy to complete this game. Steer clear of any potentially dangerous architectural constructions or components


  • There are 14,870 items throughout the level.
  • The level is one meter long.
  • A poltergeist, according to ghost stories, is a kind of ghost or spirit that causes physical disturbances such loud sounds, object movement, or destruction out of.
  • Enjoy catchy music as in Geometry Dash Spirited Away and Geometry Dash Triangulum.
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