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Geometry Dash Promises is a well-known installment of the Geometry Dash series, which challenges players to acquire various vehicles ranging from cubes to robots.

Geometry Dash Promises instructions

Geometry Dash Promises was introduced as a prominently showcased element within the context of Geometry Dash World. This particular game option is characterized by the presence of waves that move at triple the normal pace and gravity portals, both of which have the potential to induce confusion among players. In addition, there exist jump rings, luminous crosses, and pads.

How to collect coins

The initial coin, comprising 20% of the total, is located within the initial section of the robot. In the second part, immediately following the portal, it is necessary to maintain downward pressure and subsequently ascend alongside the Robot. This will enable the acquisition of the second coin, which constitutes 75% of the total. The value of the third coin is 97%.


  • The utilization of blue orbs serves to augment the level of challenge inside the game.
  • The Geometry Dash Community places a high level of importance on the meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful design of this particular feature.
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