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In the Geometry Dash series, the excellent game Geometry Dash RADIUM is one of your best options for having fun in a 3D setting while working toward the objective of overcoming all of the challenges.

How to Play Geometry Dash RADIUM

20,000 people have subscribed to Radium's channel on YouTube, where he plays games like Terraria and Geometry Dash. While in ship mode, holding will cause you to fly up, and releasing will cause you to fly down. It is important to remember that hitting a yellow pad will cause you to leap high, while hitting a blue pad will cause you to jump higher.

If you want to level up and grow more strong, don't forget to gather all of the hidden coins! Your ability to leap will be significantly hindered as a result of this change. Participate in the game on a regular basis in order to hone the necessary strategy and become victorious. To improve your jumping thrust, place blocks in leaps where the colorful dots are.

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