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The incredible version of Geometry Dash that Griffpatch has created is called Geometry Dash Scratch. In this installment, you are tasked with controlling the small square figure as it moves about to the rhythm of cheerful music.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Scratch

When playing Geometry Dash Scratch, you have the ability to choose from three distinct levels: Polargeist, Back on Track (also known as Back on Track), and Stereo Madness. You may select any of these levels by using the left mouse button. You will also be responsible for navigating the character and guiding it through various obstacles such as spikes, walls, and other hurdles. The online community around the game Geometry Dash Scratch is quite active, and it allows players to collaborate on projects and exchange hints and strategies with one another.

Incredible Features

  • In Geometry Dash, electronic music is used throughout each and every level, including the Scratch level. There is also the Breeze level included.
  • In addition to that, it has a component of the competition, in which players may compete against their friends or with other players from all over the globe making use of a rating system.
  • The difficulty of each stage varies from one another.

You can also enjoy Geometry Dash Lodgepace and Geometry Dash Fala with no charge on this site right now!

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