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The primary objective is to engage in the hard epic known as Geometry Dash Scurvy, which is a prominent installment within the Geometry Dash series of games. In order to overcome the challenges presented inside the game, it is imperative that you become a member of the team.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Scurvy

Geometry Dash is a video game that offers players an immersive experience within a captivating environment replete with charm and a multitude of challenging obstacles. Please remain vigilant for the silver coins that are dispersed over the screen. The use of coins in the activity introduces an additional level of difficulty and serves as a form of incentive. The subsequent phase involves the utilization of a ball, necessitating adherence to specific timings and constant pressing. Additionally, the background of the image showcases aesthetically pleasing blocks and a ship. Skitten's notes provide guidance for the acquisition of coins and navigation through each level.

Collect coins in Geometry Dash Scurvy

The initial coin represents a proportion of 27%. In order to proceed with the acquisition of the second coin, it is imperative to first obtain the potion at a concentration level of 45%. The third coin exhibits a 93% rate.

Main Features

  • The single-button control mechanism is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward in its use.
  • The progression commences with a series of intricate stages, namely UFO, mini-ship, cube, ball, wave, robot, ship, and cube.
  • There are no temporal limitations or punitive measures associated with the completion of levels.

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