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In Geometry Dash Sidewalk, the players are tasked with not only locating the hidden coins but also completing a series of challenging tasks.

Directions for Geometry Dash Sidewalk

You can make a row out of the things if you place them in close proximity to one another. Use the obstacles to your advantage by manipulating them. Join in the fun of the game. To make a rapid hop, press the space bar, the up arrow, or the w key on your keyboard.

Your odds of success will go up as a result of playing Geometry Dash because it will help you enhance your skills. You also have a fairly fast blocking manoeuvre at your disposal. You won't become used to it until you put in a lot of work and keep practising it over and over again. You will be able to jump higher if you are dressed in yellow, blue, or purple.

Coins on Geometry Dash Sidewalk

  • To acquire the first coin, you will need to make a click on the sphere with a percentage sign next to the exclamation point.
  • You will need to navigate a fairly constrained area in order to obtain the second coin, which represents 43% of the total reward at this point.
  • In 89% of the cases, the third coin was successfully concealed. In order to gather, you will first need to hop over the black sphere.

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