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The game Geometry Dash Silent Circles is an intriguing combination of Cyrillic and Silent, as well as a half-speed section using squares. In addition to that, it has a ship portion that goes at twice the normal speed!

Instructions for Geometry Dash Silent Circles

The first cube is a difficult obstacle to overcome since it demands you to perform jumps that are both accurate and demanding. The next level is on a ship, which is much more difficult than the previous one because you have to go through confined areas. You have to synchronize two waves of dual and maneuver in between places that are too small if you want to pass the mini/dual. Because of the rises and falls, it does not have a perfectly straight line. This indicates that you need to click at the precise appropriate moment in order for the tiny waves to follow after your initial click.

It is also possible to move the barriers as in Geometry Dash Cadenza and Geometry Dash MeowDash. To navigate around all of the obstacles, you will need to make use of your fingers and your reflexes. You have to give it your best shot if you want to reach the conclusion of your quest.

Main Features

  • The player is tasked with coordinating two miniature waves, and there are some blue orbs that serve to make the task more "difficult."
  • There are 160 444 items in all in the game.
  • It is 1 minute and 34 seconds in length.
  • Due to the level of difficulty and attention to detail that went into creating it, it is one of the most coveted achievements in the Geometry Dash community.

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