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The objective of the engaging dash game Geometry Dash Sonic Wave, which has a variety of increasingly difficult stages, is to complete the game without losing.

How to Play

During the middle of Update 1.91, Cyclic released a teaser of a new Nine Circles level that had a light blue color scheme. This inspired the development of Sonic Wave.

0-8% This level begins with a portion involving speed cubes, which may be difficult to timing, and then moves on to a block maze, during which the player must press their mouse button at the very last possible moment to avoid colliding with a blue jump orb on the second platform.

9-18% There will be a series of two different speeds that the gamer must avoid.

19-28% After that, the participant enters a sluggish portion that focuses mostly on timings that need to be accurate.

29-42% The player will eventually reach a miniwave area that has a lot of saw-blade obstacles. The player has to follow a certain pattern in order to sidestep these obstacles.

This segment consists of an extremely difficult mini-wave section in which the player must hold down the space button in order to avoid the platform. The percentage range for this section is 43-56%.

56–65 percent of the game requires the player to spam in order to hit all of the jump orbs, and then they must continue leaping as the pace rises.

65-77%. The player is required to navigate a predetermined route in order to avoid the unseen obstacles and spikes that lie underneath them.

The player must negotiate the slopes between 78 and 87% of the time.

The player then shifts to a standard wave section at half speed, where he must properly traverse the minor slopes in order to complete the HTML8-100% level.

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