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A basic motif and appealing music synchronization are the hallmarks of Geometry Dash Soothe, a fantastic level of the Geometry Dash game.

How to play Geometry Dash Soothe

As with other levels of the Geometry Dash spin-off, the objective of Geometry Dash Soothe is to navigate a corridor of pillars and platforms, avoiding all obstacles, and glide through the center. Be cautious when the game transitions to the UFO stage, as the use of hazards is more frequent, making it slightly more challenging to navigate all spikes. 

There are three coins available for your collecting. The first one is at 36%. Dropping from the air to the ground, the second coin is situated at 82% of the UFO stage. To obtain the third coin, it is necessary to obtain an additional 44% of the elixir between the pillars.


  • Includes three coins for collection Charm—challenging gameplay, appealing music, and inspiring visuals
  • Choose and personalize from a variety of characters, such as an arachnid, a cube, a ball, an extraterrestrial spacecraft, a wave, and a robot.

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