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In order to beat the Easy Demon in Geometry Dash Space Travel, you'll need to master the timings of a component using triple-speed cubes. You should practice this part in order to achieve your goal.

Instructions on how to play Geometry Dash Space Travel

The first part of this level is a series of cubes that will test your reflexes and foundational knowledge. After that, it morphs into the standard movie UFO design, an inverted disc. After then, there's only a straightforward double-speed ball section with some challenging timing. The last stage is a single-speed cube with numerous easy-to-time jumps spread out among two mazes of blocks. The last step is a cube with a single speed. The popular slow wave contains a lot of different tempo adjustments during its growth, but is much easier to understand. The addition of flight and gravity, to an already remarkable list of features, is especially noteworthy. A phenomenal amount of people have downloaded this play from the Android app store, and critics have given it a good rating.

Main features

  • Each level has its own unique soundtrack, and you'll need to listen carefully to each one to figure out what dangers lie ahead.
  • If you want to move up in your company, you must provide prompt service to all of your customers and finish all of the assignments provided to you. There are zero costs associated with getting this game onto your computer.

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