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In the thrilling rhythm-based platform game Geometry Dash Star Party, your primary objective is to achieve success at every challenging level.

Geometry Dash Star Party Instructions

The Geometry Dash Star Party game commences with a cube containing two green orbs, a one-jump robot, a brief upside-down spacecraft, a two-jump ball segment, and a one-jump UFO. The phase concludes with the cube. The intricate section commences with a ship, followed by a UFO, a wave, and a subsequent ship. The player is required to select the most advantageous pathways and impact the jump spheres in a manner that is identical to the original game. The final screen displays a space-themed background that displays each participant who participated in the collaboration.

Main Features

  • There are 122,000 objects in the level.
  • The length of the level is 2 meters and 2 seconds.
  • Test your coordination abilities with these rhythmic exercises.

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