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The main objective of Geometry Dash Streetlights is to direct a customizable Geometris character as they navigate a diverse array of obstacles. Players will be transported to an extraordinary experience by this game.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Streetlights

Geometry Dash Streetlights is introduced with a straightforward cube section that is executed at a standard tempo. The first section of the cube is relatively simple. After this, the player is presented with a series of straightforward ball and ship segments, followed by a cube and ball section that is slightly more challenging due to the requirement of memorizing which passage to access.  The user will also be able to enter the cube portal in reverse gravity as a result of a malfunction.

Main Features

  • The level comprises 3,527 objects.
  • Make use of the objects on the route to achieve a greater launch.
  • The levels are characterized by strategically placed obstacles that should be avoided.

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