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Geometry Dash Tarnished is an Extreme Demon level that follows a standard Geometry Dash level.

Rules for Geometry Dash Tarnished

At the conclusion of Inergy's first phase, Geometry Dash Tarnished requires you to leap at half speed after a double-speed robot segment. After that, you'll reach a second cube section with only a pink dash orb and another triple spike, the sole smaller spike being on the left. Later on, your spacecraft shrinks to a miniature size and is equipped with two timing-based spheres. The player strikes the black orb, which causes the pink orb on the ground to be struck as well. 

Key Features

  • It may be a lot of fun to employ rocket ships to change the rules of gravity.
  • Earning amazing presents is possible via task completion and symbol unlocking.
  • Geometry Dash Tarnished is an amazing game that will test your abilities in a challenging way.

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