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Players from all around the world flock to Geometry Dash: The Nightmare. It's like Geometry Dash, except you can modify the gravity and hit specific orbs to make it go higher.

Game Rules

With his Easy Demon abilities, Jax created Geometry Dash: The Nightmare. Get mastery of the invisible cube and navigate the labyrinth to uncover its hidden coins.


Starting off on this level is only a little section of ball. To go through a four-block-wide tunnel, the player must often swap between gravity modes. The player must adjust their gravity up or down and avoid colliding with yellow pads. The mirrored cube sequence then begins for the player. It's time for a ball sequence, which is the following phase. The player must manipulate gravity in order to navigate around hazards.

Upon the press of a yellow pad, the player is propelled through a ship portal. After tumbling over more blocks, the player enters a ship sequence reminiscent to Cycles. It constantly shifts gravity. As you complete the next set of cubes, you'll be sent to a set of balls that features many gravity gateways. The second series of cubes is far more challenging than the first.

How To Play

  • For further information, please [up][w] click here. [space] [ctrl] Change directions and/or leap at the yellow rings.
  • Look out for jagged edges
  • Hold the button down when in ship mode and fly upward.
  • Hit the yellow pad for a high jump.
  • If you want to make a bigger leap, you need to press a blue pad (missing a gravity portal).
  • You may gain extra credit by gathering the coins.
  • Pressing the letter L will temporarily disable all effects, thereby reducing any noticeable delay.
  • The letter B may be used to temporarily change the backdrop (which can help with latency).
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