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You must overcome all of the obstacles and make it to the finish line in order to complete Geometry Dash The Tempest, which is a difficult version of the game that incorporates powerful flashes and blinding lights.

Geometry Dash The Tempest instructions

Geometry Dash The Tempest is a straightforward mini ball and ball segment in the beginning of The Tempest, and at the very end, there is a monster that is carrying a platform. In addition to this, you will need to land on a train that will enter a tunnel after passengers have jumped over one triple spike. In the following phase, you will enter a miniature UFO portion, and you will need to follow the arrows in order to avoid getting crushed by spikes and sawblades. 

How to collect coins

You have the opportunity to get three coins. The first coin may be found at  21% if you take a different path that requires more difficult gaming. The second one may be reached at 51% by obtaining a key that is unavailable and unlocking a gate that is located at 51% below the flying saucer portal. The last coin is now at 69%.


  • Throughout all, there are 91,765 items throughout the level.
  • The length of the level is 2 minutes and 19 seconds.
  • A gameplay that is easy to understand and fun to play throughout the entire experience
  • You are able to personalize your character by purchasing additional skins, which means you may change their appearance.

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