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A fantastic new game that fans of Geometry Dash Coma would like is called Geometry Dash The Thing. You have to dodge the spikes and hold to fly up; then, when you want to go down, you have to let go of the grip.

How to Perform

The Geometry Dash The Thing game  currently has a rating of 6 stars and 3 coins. Players are going to have a good time with this brand-new game. Both the new layout and the obstacles that you will have to overcome are unlike anything else that you have ever seen. Avoid spikes. While in ship mode, ascend, then let go of the stick to begin descending. To make a greater leap, you must first press the yellow pad, and then while you are traveling, you must press the blue pad. It will still function even if you fail to enter the gravitational portal. Make sure you gather every coin if you want the additional points at the end of the level!


  • To hop or hop on yellow circles, press [up] [w] [space] on your keyboard.
  • Hold down the L button and pressing it will toggle the effects and lessen the latency.
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