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Geometry Dash Theory of Everything is the third level of Geometry Dash Lite and the twelfth level of the original Geometry Dash game. There's an Insane difficulty level as well.

Instructions for Playing Geometry Dash Theory of Everything

You can do a cube sequence with any value between 0% and 8%.

Under the influence of the size portal, the size of the ships in question increases in increments of 2%: 10%, 13%, 15%, and 16%.

Sequences of cubes ranging from 16 to 26 percent, and 22 to 25 percent when the size portal is in play;

Consecutive UFO sightings between 26% and 34%

From 34% to 44% in a cube series.

The mirror portal's influence is between 44% and 51%, while the ball sequence falls between 44% and 53%.

The size portal's effects are between 53 and 57 percent, and the ship sequence falls in the same range, from 53 to 57 percent.

From 57% to 64%, in a cube series

UFO sequences with the effects of the size portal (72% to 80%) and the mirror portal (72% to 81%) ranging from 64% to 81%.

Range, in percentage cubes, from 81% to 91%

Using the size portal as a starting point, this series of balls travels from 91% to 95%.

A ship sequence enhanced by the size portal's effects, from 95% to 100%.

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