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Geometry Dash Theory of Insomnia is one of the most renowned and remarkable levels in the Geometry Dash spin-offs, incorporating blue and red are the primary colors, and the layout is as follows.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Theory of Insomnia

Geometry Dash Theory of Insomnia commences with a simple half-speed ball that necessitates discrete timing, along with artificial thorns, spikes, and rings. The ball then appears at triple speed, and it is more difficult than the remainder of the level due to the numerous false obstacles. Speed is doubled, and a cube section resembling the initial one emerges. It is essential that you possess the ability to react quickly. You are rapidly approaching the end of your time, as the harmful cube is making progress.

Key Features

  • The level is comprised of 6,183 objects.
  • Select from a diverse array of colors and symbols to produce a distinctive appearance for your character.
  • Test your coordination by utilizing these rhythmic exercises.

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