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Glacier Rush is an addictive adventure-racing game that requires navigation of the toboggan and the surmounting of obstacles.

How to play Glacier Rush

If you enjoy games with a snow motif, Glacier Rush is an excellent option. The primary objective of this game is to navigate beyond all obstacles and maintain control of the toboggan. A variety of obstacles await you, such as snowballs, rocks, and mountains. You also have the opportunity to participate in the racing expedition in challenging terrains, including towering glaciers and sweeping icefields.

Key Features

  • Perfect your running abilities at every level.
  • Race at a rapid pace to accumulate rewards.
  • Free to enjoy!

Maybe you should consider playing Getting Over Snow or Snow Rider 3D. Experience additional exhilarating and enthralling adventures with your online companions.

How To Play

  •  Arrow key to move
  • C to change Camera
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