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That hilarious and entertaining arcade game, Go up Dash. Your characters will face various trials, and it is your job to help them prevail.

Instructions for Playing

Go up Dash is a hilarious and enjoyable arcade game. If you want to succeed, you'll need to help your characters get beyond all the difficulties they'll encounter.

Fast left and right movement is essential for ascending in Go Up Rush. Your goal is to get to the end of the course without being stopped, therefore you should keep moving forward and away from danger. Your ability to exert control will be put to the test in a variety of ways. There will be a new setting and challenge for each level. The obstacles are visible from both sides and in the center.


  • The Dash has to be moved at breakneck speeds on times if it is to avoid collisions.
  • Keep an eye on the left and right edges of the screen to predict where potential obstacles could arise.
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