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In the exciting action game Gun Mayhem Redux, which was designed and created by Kevin Gu, your objective is to eliminate all of your foes by blasting them to pieces.

How to Play

In the game Gun Mayhem Redux, your goal is to push your opponents off the various platforms they are standing on. Don't hesitate, and make sure you hit your target! If you want to stay alive, you'll need to leap and evade their assaults. The only thing that the player is required to accomplish in order to win the game is to wipe out their rival.

To send your opponent over the edge of one of the cliffs is the goal of the game. You may either force them back with guns or explosives, whatever method you like. Collecting the support boxes will allow you to upgrade your weapons and get access to unique powers. You will have a significant advantage over your rivals if you use these boxes.

How To Play

1st Player:

Quick shoot: "Z"
Aim and shoot: "X"

2nd Player:

Move: "W,A,S,D"
Quick shoot: "T"
Aim and shoot: "Y"

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