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In Healing Driver, a simulation game that you will like playing, the primary purpose is to provide assistance to as many individuals as possible who are in need. Visit the sites of the accidents and do your best to help everyone.

Healing Driver instructions

Within the context of the game "Healing Driver," "saving lives" refers to your ability to perform the duties of both a paramedic and a physician. You'll have a better chance of winning the game if you get them to the hospital as quickly as possible and give them good care once they get there. Keep in mind that your hospital needs to both expand and develop. Improve the infrastructure, expand into new departments, and modernize the existing apparatus. The health of your patients will ultimately determine how successful your hospital is. Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure in the field of healthcare management, where the decisions you make will have an effect not only on the lives of patients but also on the future of your hospital.

Main Features

  • It's the free running game that's both the quickest and the most unending.
  • Choices available among several lanes
  • fights with epic bosses
  • The melodies and sounds that evoke fond memories

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