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The action-io game Imposter Dash is a lot of fun, and it requires you to keep leaping in order to go past all of the obstacles while you are having a good time.

How to Play

You take on the role of Red, an impostor, while you play Imposter Dash. He plans to navigate the spacecraft on his own, despite the fact that it is full with hazards, including those that are electrical in nature. Your mission is to vault over them and guide him away from them as best you can.


You have no choice but to continue jumping over the barriers in your path if you want to not only go around them but also keep your own life. You'll need to be able to utilize your mathematics abilities, be able to respond decisively, and have strong vision if you want any chance of escaping lethal traps like these.

The farther you go into it, the more progress you will make. On the other hand, making even a single mistake while navigating the traps might result in certain death. We hope you have a wonderful time and a lot of luck.

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