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Jinn Dash is an excellent puzzle game in which the objective is to destroy as many bricks as you probably can.

Instructions for Jinn Dash

You have to maneuver your carpet and hit all of the balls in order to knock them into the bricks that are on top of the screen in order to win Jinn Dash. If you want to finish a level, you will need to accomplish this. Within the shortest amount of time feasible, you should unlock the stage. The destruction of some bricks will result in the release of power-ups or boosters. The game in question is an arcade action platformer, and it may be played at any time and in any location.

Key Features

  • During the course of this game, you will encounter a wide range of bricks.
  • Create a tower with a lot of strength to defend against spells and increase your armament.
  • Complete a number of different levels.

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