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Jump Out of Maze is an engaging puzzle game that challenges players to assist a novice character in successfully navigating and escaping a complex labyrinth.

Instructions for Jump Out of Maze

The "Jump Out of Maze" puzzle is a logic-based challenge that involves the task of guiding a cube to successfully navigate and exit a maze. In order to achieve victory, it is important to identify the specific region situated at the four corners of the enclosure that aligns with the entrance point. Next, proceed by selecting the square and thereafter relocating the icon to its appropriate position, therefore concluding the game. During gameplay, it is possible to modify the zoom level in order to accommodate individual preferences. The maze-like design present on each box can be observed by utilizing the miniature version of the map located on the left side. The game in question has a multitude of tasks for players to accomplish, with the most challenging among them being the task of successfully navigating and escaping from the intricate maze.

Main Features

  • An interactive computer game with ropes that may be played on a personal computer.
  • Engage in social interactions with acquaintances while traversing a thoroughfare.
  • There are almost 60 levels of progress.
  • An engaging educational game designed for youngsters

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