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Should you be an avid player of jumping games, Kick The Jump is the ideal option. Now, avoid obstacles like gaps and traps in a variety of levels!

Kick The Jump instructions

The lethargic guy in Kick The Jump needs your assistance to accomplish his objective and find happiness. There are many periods and places that you must traverse through. There are many different types of stages in this game, from the slow-paced frog jump to the fast-paced truck jump, so be sure to dodge traps and jump over gaps. To further personalize your character, you may gather as many helpful items as possible.

Key Features

  • Kick The Jump is an easy-to-play but challenging game.
  • You may get points by doing tricks to accelerate your pace.
  • You also need to keep leaping.

Football Kick 3D is a great choice if you like football games. Snowball Kickup is another excellent comparison game.

How To Play


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