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Your goal in King Kong Kart Racing, one of the best racing games ever, is to go past every obstacle in your path while controlling the charming King Kong.

Rules for King Kong Kart Racing

King Kong Kart Racing is a great game to play if you like racing games featuring King Kong. Discover the lovely road with an adorable monkey in this racing game for karts. You must steer King Kong through exhilarating courses and outwit adversaries. It's important to search for and gather the red fuel canisters that are strewn across the circuit if you want to maintain your kart operating at its fastest.  In an attempt to win King Kong Kart Racing right now, press the turbo button and drive hard!

Main features and tips for winning

  • Get daily incentives and milestones to spice up your gameplay and to keep you coming. Try to acquire as many tanks as you can. 
  • A wonderful endless game.

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