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A fascinating game that takes its inspiration from Geometry Dash, Monster Rash is a game in which your primary objective is to guide a tiny orange cube through a series of obstacles.

How to play Monster Rash

In order to fulfill the requirements of the original game Geometry Dash, you will be required to take control of a geometric cube and navigate through all of the obstacles while simultaneously collecting as many stars as you possibly can. Overcoming obstacles requires you to leap over them; if you contact any bug, you will have to begin the game from the beginning. You have the ability to personalize your character by purchasing new skins in the store via the use of your stars.

Principal Features

  • A fun game that incorporates elements of Geometry Dash
  • Beautiful Halloween-themed power-ups and treasures keep the gameplay interesting and engaging throughout the whole experience.
  • A total of fifty stars must be accumulated.

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