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In the fantastic puzzle game Neon Way, your goal is to travel the Neon Route and get as many Diamonds as you can!

Neon Way Guidelines

Neon Way is a vibrant universe with memorable themes and music. If you can steer the ball through the level while maintaining its equilibrium and gathering all of the stars, you can win the game swiftly. It's not simple to navigate through all of the barriers that you will encounter. These barriers may consist of revolving lasers and lethal traps like spikes. Always maintain your equilibrium, and use caution. Additionally, you may gather transient power-ups like quicker flippers. In addition, there is the ability to shift the table to alter the ball's trajectory and play Multiball.


  • Tables with magnificent visuals
  • Get coins to unlock new levels.
  • The audio is realistic, and the ball is physics-based.
  • Anybody can use this free game.

Neon Way is an arcade combat game. There are several arcade-style action games available on this site. Try out more comparable titles like Slope Unblocked and Tunnel Rush.

How To Play

Use mouse and WASD!

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