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For the New Year's holiday season, New Year Balls Merge will be an excellent puzzle to play. It is necessary to unite as many balls as you possibly can.

New Year Balls Merge Instructions

Waiting for the holiday season? New Year's Eve, perhaps? If you thought the answer was yes, then you should definitely play the game New Year Balls Merge. You need to link as many balls as possible to make the biggest ball possible and earn points in order to win. If you successfully complete every matching objective, you will be able to collect great gifts.

Main Features

  • Find out about the many sceneries that this new planet has to offer.
  • Having magical allies on your side will assist you in overcoming difficult levels.
  • Included in the Set are fifteen visual mechanics.
  • One has the ability to activate the Color Blind mode.
  • You are able to acquire additional things with the use of microtransactions.

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