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Your skills will be put to the test by the many obstacles and blocks that are included in Noob Parkour 3D.

Instructions for Noob Parkour 3D

During your exploration of the Minecraft universe, you will come across a great deal of blocks, traps, and other obstacles in Noob Parkour 3D. When you are navigating through a future environment, exploring a mystery woodland, or facing the difficulties of an industrial complex, don't forget to immerse yourself in a world that is both deep and rich.

Main Features

  • The Ragdoll weapon system is one of a kind.
  • Create a dynamic gaming experience by doing parkour stunts such as backflips.
  • Playing the game in a variety of gore options makes it more fun and diverse.
  • Learn about the outfit system that may be customized.
  • System for dismounting stickmen at the level stage

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